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Sunday morning fun with The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada

Hello everyone!

Many of you often ask me, What can one person do about the crimes of Genocide against native and poor people?

The answer is, lots! Here's one example:

Since last November, we, an intrepid band of native and non-native folks in Vancouver's downtown eastside, have been bravely leafletting and protesting outside the churches that are responsible for the murder and torture of generations of aboriginal people in Canada: the Roman Catholic, United, Anglican and Presbyterian churches.

We've been having so much fun "afflicting the comfortable" in their cozy pews each Sunday that we want to involve more of you in the work. This is an invitation to join us.

We kicked off the fun last November by occupying an Anglican church in the midst of their Sunday morning service, demanding that they admit the crimes they committed in their "residential school" prisons, where more than 50,000 children died. (You can read about the event on our first website, listed below).

It was one of the most exciting and empowering things I've ever witnessed. And it caused quite a reaction in the church hierarchies: within a week after our occupation, they began making noises about "widening" the issues before the courts beyond those of physical and sexual abuse.

Pressure works, especially against institutions suffering such lack of credibility as the mainline churches. But public actions also unite and enliven the very people who need to speak out about what happened to them, and how they continue to suffer the effects of genocide.

So ... here's the news:

>From now on, every Sunday at 9 am, we will be gathering at the Carnegie Centre at Main and Hastings streets in downtown Vancouver. From there, we'll fan out and protest/vigil/whatever outside as many churches as we can hit.

You and your friends are cordially invited to join us. (No need to RSVP; just bring a placard, a musical instrument, and a story to share, out loud).

Please mark this day and time regularly on your calendar and put your outrage into action with people like you.

We are also organizing similar Sunday morning actions outside other churches in at least five other Canadian cities, to occur simultaneously. Party on!

We'll see you this Sunday!

with thanks,

Kevin Annett and a host of other butt kickers

for info. contact: 1-888-265-1007 or see this website: