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Program of The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada

The Truth and Its Consequences: A Reply to my Detractors

Letters, Replies and Tales



Supplementary Affidavits

Key Newspaper Articles

Government Legislation

Archival Documents Canadian Department of Indian Affairs (DIA)

Evidence of Genocidal Mortality Rates in Residential Schools

Publications of IHRAAM

Probing Questions for the UCC

Full Report (PDF Format - 309K)

Full Report
(Microsoft Word Format - .zip file - 103K)

Hidden from History:
The Canadian Holocaust

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This group is dedicated to uncovering the full story of the deliberate genocide of indigenous peoples in Canada, both past and present. It unites all people committed to bringing perpetrators of crimes against native people to justice.

Please consider joining my new yahoogroups discussion list so that you can be kept posted of recent developments in our work to document genocide in Canada, past and present, and find justice for native people today. You can also join on-line discussions and learn of upcoming events and speaking tours by yours truly,

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